As Nature Intended

Located at 345 Bunker Hill Rd, Godfrey, Ontario Tuckamore Farm practices biodiverse food production without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

With a seasonal array of vegetables, fruits, and a flock of happy layer chickens, we are proud to offer our highest quality produce from our farm to your table.

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And find us at the
Frontenac Farmers' Market every Saturday morning 9am until 2pm (May-Oct).

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Farm Fresh Eggs available at Farm Gate March thru October

We strive to give our chickens and ducks a life fit for the birds.

They free range through the day to help us keep down garden pests, and are fed whole healthy foods from our gardens. In the winter they are supplemented with locally grown commercial feed. Foraging and fresh foods not only keep the birds healthy but also provide us with superior quality eggs.

The eggs, like our hens, are diverse. They vary in colour and size. Uniformity is not the norm.

When the hens go broody (when they decide they want to sit on the eggs), they are free to do so and to raise chicks. We do not use an incubator to hatch eggs, but instead let the hens do what comes natural to them. The chicks learn from their mothers everything they need to know.

We are a no-kill farm, so the males needn't fear! Once the boys are big enough to harass the girls (more than one rooster to 10 hens can cause the hens much distress), they get moved to the rooster bachelor pad. Our roosters live well together in harmony. In the morning (and through parts of the day) they have crowing competitions.